This is not food related but some members, worldwide if possible, might like to join in. Sadly Isla is no longer with us but let’s help her live on with this legacy.


Please join us in decorating stones to spread joy, awareness and to make a little girl smile.

7 year old Isla woke up in August unable to walk, after many horrible treatments, surgery and radiotherapy, Isla was diagnosed as having a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma DIPG – and there is no further treatment options for her. Isla and her incredibly strong family are making the most of their time making lots of precious memories.

Isla started to decorate stones and gave them to people to hide. She now has 19,000, all around the world on her Facebook page #islastones who are decorating and hiding stones. Isla would like more!

To join in, simply paint your own stone, add the #islastones tag and hide them. Join the Facebook group for weekly theme updates.

One of Isla’s dream is to be famous – she is becoming famous in her hometown of Hinckley, with children (and adults) searching and posting their stones on #islastones.

Isla’s family want to share and raise awareness of childhood cancer as there is very little funding into this area of research. DIPG has a 0% survival rate, only 10% of children survive 2 years following their diagnosis and less than 1% survive for 5 years, the average survival is 9 months from diagnosis.

All the way through Isla has been beautiful and golden and her story of positivity and amazing support is documented on her Facebook page.

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