Summer’s near Frozen yogurts here.


I love frozen yogurt but usually it’s full of sugar when you buy it, even the ones that are advertised as low calorie. I found a recipe, non Keto, online for vanilla frozen yogurt and adapted a bit.

I decided to use a mixture of full fat Greek yogurt and double/heavy cream, makes it slightly more creamy and lovely.

I had some monk fruit golden syrup and used that instead of honey

And flavoured it with lemon instead of vanilla as I love the freshness of lemons especially in the summer.

I would actually have this with the chocolate fondants mmmmmm! Yum!

Sorry about the picture of it in the tub but I will put one on later of it served in a dish.


6 servings

750g/25 oz full fat greek yogurt

150ml/ 2/3rd cup double/heavy cream

1/3 cup monk fruit golden syrup or any other sugar free syrup or if Paleo raw honey

Zest and juice of 2 un-waxed lemons

5-7 drops lemon Stevia (this is to your own taste)

Zest and juice the lemons, cutting the zest into small pieces

Combine cream and yogurt thoroughly

Add syrup and mix in well

Add juice and zest and stir in until well mixed

Add Stevia to taste, if at all, this is totally personal taste

Start your churner and pour in mixture following manufacturers instructions

When churned place in a container then in the freezer.

If yogurt has been in the freezer for more than a few hours you may need to take it out 10-20 minutes before serving

Net carbs 8g per serving

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