Time to get some pleasure. Not tried this yet but sounds interesting


– 100 grams of coconut oil extra virgin
– 20 grams of cacao
– 25 grams of coconut shrims (no sulfur, no sugar)or stevia or erythrol

– melt coconut oil in a little pot stirring all the time
– add other ingredients still stirring so it goes nice smooth mass
– You can go crazy and add some chili/cinnamon/salt

Pour it to mould, I prefer silicone moulds as chocolate comes out easily. Refrigerate for some time till it is hard.

Ingredients above gave 145 grams of choclate: 4g protein, 127g fat, 8g carbs whole thing.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT AUTHOR OF THIS RECIPE. The recipe comes from polish blogger, and someone else translated it.

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