Not everything marked Keto is Keto

Clearing up confusion over what is Keto

The confusion has come in since it has been jumped on by the quick fix weight loss companies. This lifestyle is a way of healing the body through eating whole foods (raw foods that need to be cooked), so you know exactly what you are eating.

The fake food companies such as Slim Fast etc have over the past few years lost revenue to this WOE (way of eating), and to keep their profits up, they have added the word KETO to their chemically ladened crap and cut down the amount of sugar.

Just lowering sugar is a start but it isn’t enough and if you really want to feel the full benefits of eating this way, ingredients are an essential part.

We are all here to improve our health, why ruin it by still consuming ingredients that can cause your progression to stall or totally reverse any health benefits.

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