Hearty Oxtail Soup for Winter

It’s getting colder and I now want something hearty for lunch and this fits the bill, as well as bringing back childhood memories.

Pressure Cooker Oxtail Soup


750g/ 1 1/4 pound oxtail

1 can unsweetened chopped tomatoes

3-4 tbsp tomato pasata

1 onion chopped

Beef stock

Salt and pepper

Put all ingredients apart from stock into pressure cooker

Top up with stock until the liquid barely covers the meat and season

Put on lid and set pressure and set to full

Bring up to pressure on a medium-high heat

Turn down heat to a medium-low and cook at pressure for 45 mins

Allow to depressurise naturally and allow to cool a bit

When cooled a bit take out the meat and remove from the bones

Cut meat to size required and return to pot

Turn on heat under soup and allow to reduce and thicken to how you like your soup, stir regularly at their stage

Serve hot with diet doctor ‘bread rolls’


Can be stored in the fridge once thoroughly cooled.

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