Intermittent Fasting

I have never really looked into this before but an app came up on Facebook and I was curious. Downloaded it and it was a subscription so deleted it immediately found a free one that was a tracker ( it’s called Life Fasting Tracker) and did my first fast 3 days ago. I did it overnight from last meal to breakfast, thought if nothing else it would get me out of the habit of snacking in the evenings. Worked out as 15-16 hour fast, a lot of which I was asleep for.

I had weighed myself that morning and I was 77.1kg next morning I was 76.1kg. Hey I thought might do it again so I have done 2 more and I’m down to 75.7kg.

The app shows you when you go into ketosis and other things. I’ve done 11 hours of ketosis in 3 nights.

I am not feeling hungry, I have drunk a river of water and I actually feel quite good.

I am going to do 2 more nights to see how it goes but I think 5 on and 2 off is a good ratio.

This sort of fast is quite natural and gets your body into a rhythm I cannot say that I agree with the longer fasts people go on as they are not natural and some people do seem to get a bit obsessed by it.

In the end I think it’s a useful tool if used wisely.

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