After posting about some chocolate on Facebook a debate started about Uk nutrition labelling so I Wanted to clear up the carb debate… I was wrong looked up the regulations and got this summary:

Here in the UK Net Carbohydrates are already calculated within nutritional labels as simple/complex carbohydrates are one entity (Carbohydrate) and dietary fibre is separately labelled as Fibre. Hence there is no need to calculate Net Carbohydrate content for a product that follows EU labelling rules.

For example:

If an item, from an EU country, is said to contain 3g of Carbohydrate and 2g of Fibre. Then the amount of carbohydrates that will affect blood sugar levels is 3g.

There is no need to calculate net carbs in the UK as this process is in-built in the labelling system.

Therefore, if you are based in the UK and following a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet, you do not need to count net carbs as this has already been done for you 🙂

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