Not Always Successful

Well after a great holiday in Cornwall this self confessed sugar addict is suffering the effects. The diet was not only blown but it was totally blown out of the water, a lot like the sinking of the Bismarck.

The temptations of traditional Cornish Pasties and Cream Teas was just too much.

So as of yesterday I went on a sugar detox and now I’m suffering withdrawal badly…

A night of hot sweats, stomach cramps and a headache like a man with a sledgehammer is doing demolition inside my head, when they say sugar is as addictive as cocaine I can tell you they’re not kidding.

I know if I can get through the week I’ll be back on it but this week will be hard, health wise I’ve got to do it, also the LCHF/Keto way of eating does suit my body and I do enjoy it.

I really don’t think that caving in to temptation was worth it.

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