Butter Vs Margarine

These are the reasons why I now eat butter instead of margarine: Butter is the real and natural thing not created and processed with additives I can’t pronounce.

Read about the differences between butter and margarine and you’ll find out why you should always choose to eat butter.

When you are in the dairy aisle in the supermarket, how often do you see a butter product being marketed as healthy?

Never. It’s always the margarine alternative that boasts of health benefits, but in reality it is butter that is the one that is good for your health.

Butter is the real thing and contains only two natural ingredients: cream and salt. I just love the taste and texture of butter. I also love the fact that is made, in the main in the UK, from grass-fed cows.

Margarine is a completely different story. The substance that creates margarine is nothing more than a scientific process, which created something that has proven to be incredibly bad for our bodies: trans fats. Just look at the laundry list of ingredients on the tubs.

Margarine was created as a cheaper alternative to butter and started being mass produced in 1903 when it was found that adding hydrogen to vegetable oil turns it into a more solid, spreadable product. Margarine was much cheaper to produce than butter and so it became very popular.

In recent years, studies have shown that trans fats can have really bad effects on our health. It is important to stay informed so that we can make the best decisions for our families.

Trans fats act differently, their molecular structure is different, and so they provide no help to the body in the way natural fats do. One study, in 2008, showed an increase in coronary artery disease in just a 2% increase in energy taken from trans fats.

Butter is full of immune-boosting vitamins. It contains Lauric Acid (also found in breast milk and coconut oil). Butter is a great source of healthy cholesterol, fatty acids, antioxidants, and also helps with nutrient absorption.

Butter Contains a Lot of Healthy Saturated Fats. The campaign against saturated fat was based on bad science. It was never really proven that it caused any harm. In fact, recent studies suggest that there is no association at all between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease.

The fat found in simple carbohydrates like bread and sugar is actually what is to blame for heart disease.

The sugar companies hijacked the research and paid for it to exonerate them. They then proceeded to make us into a world population of sugar addicts with sugar being added to all manufactured processed food, both sweet and savoury. Look at the labels and you’ll see sugar in all of the ready meals and canned food that you buy.

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