I love to get a Frappuccino in the summer but the ones from Starbucks/Costa/Nero etc have mountains of sugar and carbs in them. At under 2g carbs this is really a guilt free sin.


250ml brewed coffee ( cold/leftover)

60ml double cream (heavy cream)

6 ice cubes/crushed ice

1 Tsp vanilla extract

1/4 Tsp xantham gum ( or psyllium powder)(optional)


In a bowl or bullet put together heavy cream, xantham gum, and vanilla extract. Mix to combined (if making in a bowl use a hand mixer)

Add 1 cup cold coffee and mix well

Add ice cubes or crushed ice and mix for one more minute

Pour in the glass

Serve and enjoy


If you want, decorate with a whipping cream. But, really it’s not needed. Frappuccino is perfect just like this.

This coffee has less than 2 g net carbs.

For better and stronger taste of coffee, you should use coffee ice cubes.

You could add a sugar free syrup but that does put the carbs up and isn’t necessary, why spoil the taste of coffee?

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