Sugar Free Soda

This has cured me of my soda addiction and is really tasty. I have a Soda Stream and make a few bottles of different flavours. Make sure there is no added sugar in your teabags, there will be a small amount of natural fructose. My grandchildren love these and always ask for them when they come around

5 fruit teabags of your choice, the ones used here are Blood Orange and Cranberry

100-150ml Boiling water

1 Ltr bottle sparkling water/still water

1. Put teabags in a measuring jug

2. Top up with water to the 150ml mark and leave to steep until fully cooled.

3. Squeeze out the teabags

4. Remove some of the water from bottle, enough to make room for the tea.

5. Carefully add the tea to the water, if using sparkling water angle the bottle and pour in slowly down the side of bottle so it won’t fizz over.

6. Replace the cap firmly and turn bottle in one complete circle to mix. Place in the fridge.

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