Eggfast is such a big part of this way of eating and there are many ways you can prepare them. We all have our favourite way of eating eggs and here are a few ideas.


I’m not Delia Smith so I won’t try to teach you how to boil an egg, we all have our own ways and timings. I will say have tried the method of doing boiled eggs in the oven… I won’t be bothering to try that again. I usually boil a few extra for breakfast on the go straight from the fridge. I don’t tend to use egg dishes for packed lunches as the smell is not very office friendly.


Not my favourite way of having egg but probably the quickest. It has recently been generally agreed that Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs are the best method but no doubt soon another method will claim that accolade.


Again every body likes theirs a little different. I like mine so you can see the yellow yolk and the white just done and soft, no crispy bits. I have just started frying mine in a little lard and they taste so much better but if having with bacon The are always fried in the bacon grease.


I used to struggle doing these in a saucepan but now I half fill a frying pan with boiling water, break in the egg and cook. I then use a fish slice to remove it from the pan… perfect every time.


This is my favourite way of eating eggs for not only breakfast but lunch and dinner too. Nothing better than a light fluffy omelette with ham or spicy sausage or vegetables in it (or sometimes all three) and topped with cheese… absolutely delicious.


Only use this method if you have more time as it takes longer but you can add the egg to spiced tomatoes, spicy sausage and vegetables for SPANISH BAKED EGGS.

Yes Eggfast can get boring but it is filling and it is nutritious and it can be varied by the different methods.

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