This is one of our favourites, either as a side to meat or as a dish on its own. 

1 medium head green cabbage, chopped loosely

3 slices bacon, chopped, if using as a main dish I would increase this.

1/4 large onion or 1/2 small to medium onion, chopped. You could also use leek

1 TBSP Worcestershire sauce or you could use apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp butter

salt & pepper to taste
1.  In a large pan cook the chopped bacon over medium to medium-high heat. Once the fat renders off and there’s plenty of bacon grease in the pan, add the chopped onion. 

2.   Right when the bacon has just started to crisp, add the chopped cabbage, salt, pepper butter and Worcestershire sauce (optional but I like the tiny bit of smokey tang that it gives some foods). Stir occasionally until cabbage is softened. I like some pieces to get a little pan browned so I don’t stir very often. Taste before serving as you may need to add more salt and pepper depending on your preference.

This can also be done using Brussel Sprouts, Leeks, Bok Choy, Cauliflower or Broccoli 

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