I truly believe the major food companies are really worried about the affects of LCHF/Paleo/Keto on their industry. A few weeks ago it was Coconut oil is bad for you, lt is not… it is just as good for you as butter and both of those are a healthy alternative to the refined oils that are promoted as healthy and the 💩 they sell as healthy margarine spreads.Now in their sights is almond flour which again is healthier than the bleached, chemical laden flour that is generally available.

The food industry feels it’s fine to sell diet products packed with sugar. They think it’s fine to add sugar to foods that are affordable to the poorer people in our society. They think it’s fine to add sugar to so called healthy foods for children. They want us addicted to sugar so we will keep on buying their crap.

I was looking at labels on some ready meals the other day and wondered why Mashed Potato needed added sugar, why chilli needed sugar added, why a stroganoff, a beef stew, a roast chicken, a pizza, ham and cheese all needed to have sugar added. 

When I buy food I don’t only check the nutrition part of the label but also the ingredients list. The ingredients are listed in order of the amount in the product, most first. 

It’s amazing how much food has sugars added and usually under different names so as to hide it from the consumer.

The food industry is not interested in our health but only in profit and having us addicted to sugar ensures we will continue buying their products.

If you look carefully at this label you will find sugar added 3 times under different names which when added together make it one of the major ingredients.

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