I am now planning for Christmas, I know it’s 7 months away. Presents for adult are always small as Christmas is a time for children. So this year for each married couple with children it will be a really nice bottle of wine, and home made chocolates (sugar free/low carb) I’ve bought silicone moulds so there can be 6 different varieties, so far the menu is: two tone mint (dark minty chocolate topped with white chocolate), hazelnut in chocolate (Similar to the one in Roses chocolates), White chocolate filled with a homemade lemon curd, Sour cherry in dark chocolate. 

I am going to be trying out a salty caramel(paleo) and I really want to find or work out a recipe for an espresso filled chocolate, not coffee cream. Other possibilities are a raspberry ruffle type filling, coconut and chocolate orange. One of my son in laws only eats white chocolate so I also have to consider that.

As for the children they will get their Santa sacks, as I call them, that get filled with multiple smaller presents rather than one big one, a Christmas morning lucky dip. There will also be one individual present for them, but with 7 grandchildren aged between 20 and 2 it’s quite a task. They will also get homemade chocolates and I have various moulds for that from chocolate coins to animal to dinosaurs to Star Wars to handbags and shoes so plenty of scope.

One thing all the children aged between 5 and 10 will get is a slinky, I loved mine when I was young.

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