Keto Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms

I love stuffed mushrooms but every recipe I see contains breadcrumbs or subs that with almond flour. My partner does not like the texture when you use almond flour so I had to find a good way of doing them without. They are served here with chicken breast wrapped in bacon and stuffed with garlic…

Smokin’ Cheese 2

Better results this time, used olive wood smoking dust in a small smoke box and smoked for 4 hours. Cheeses smoked 1. Somerset cheddar with sea salt, 2 bits as can’t get enough of it. YUM! 2. Stilton, an experiment but tastes WOW! Mystery Turkish cheese, lost the wrapper, very mild,

SMOKIN’ Cheese

First attempt at smoking cheese, wood chips bit to big so I have to keep shuffling them over, outside temp a bit hot for cheddar and it melted slightly still got feta, hallumi and Gouda smoking away, used whiskey barrel smoking chips… yummy flavour.