As I have said before I Love Tahini. This is an idea I had to make a refreshing fruity dip . Strawberries are in season now so they are large and sweet so you may not need the sweetening in this. In the winter you could use freeze dried, frozen would be too watery, but you will definitely need the oil with them. This is an on sight recipe, if it looks right don’t add the oil. You could sub the Tahini for almond or cashew butter but it will be thicker. Just had a thought this might be tasty poured over som Keto ice cream, have to try it.

I like it with these CRACKERS


250ml/2 cups Tahini

150g/1 cup fresh strawberries chopped or you can use freeze dried strawberries (alter this according to taste)

5 Tablespoons sesame oil (as needed) not toasted or you could use olive oil

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Liquid stevia (to taste; optional)

Using a food processor, add Tahini and strawberries and process until it is well combined. At this point taste and add more strawberries if you want.

Add the oil, 1 Tablespoon at a time, if needed, with the motor running. Stop when your tahini reaches a smooth, even consistency. You may not need all 5 Tablespoons.
Add the vanilla and/or stevia, if you’re using it. You may prefer to leave this unsweetened.

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